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Who we are

Doctors connect is an organized team connecting various hospital and doctors for locum duty. We are here to aid in the shortfall of doctors in hospitals with locum doctors who are interested in short term work. By connecting the doctor's community with the health care medical facilities we would be able to fill in the gaps by locum duty. This idea of locum doctors has been introduced into the healthcare industry in India recently. By this venture most hospitals will be filled with medical personal always and doctors can choose jobs of their interest and location.

What we do

We generate a list of possible vacancies at different hospitals for locum doctors and provide them to the doctors who are interested in short term duties. We fix the prices of the attending locum doctor thus making locum duty more efficient and more beneficial.

Why we do

Many doctors try to manage work with personal obligations, such as raising a family caring for elderly parents or pursuing continuing education. With doctors connect they can Devote time to the important thing in life while earning a good income by working the shifts you want at the hospitals you want.

And also the hospitals can be sure all their shifts are covered with various specialty doctors thus ensuring patient care at the highest level.



» MD General Medicine

» MD Anaesthesia

» MD Emergency Medicine

» DNB General Medicine

» DNB Anaesthesia

» DNB Emergency Medicine


» Diploma in Anaesthesia

» Diploma in Emergency





» ICU - Intensive Care Unit

» Critical Cure Unit

» Operation Theatre

» Emergency & Casualty

» Wards


» Endoscopy

» CATH Lab

» Critical Care Consultant


Anesthesia Services - 6 AM to 10 PM

Non-Pediatric Cases $ ASA - I / II
Duration Spinal General Anesthesia Sedaition MAC Epidural Spinal + Epidural GA + Epidural or Spinal Peripheral Blocks
1st Hour 2,750 3,250 2,500 1,500 3,000 4,500 5,000 4,000
2nd Hour 1,000 1,250 1,000 750 1,500 2,000 2,500 2,000
Hourly Thereafter 1,250 1,500 - 750 1,500 2,000 2,500 1,500
Duration LSCS (C-Section)
1st Hour 4,000
2nd Hour 1,500
3rd Hour 2,000
Labour Analgesia
Pre-Anesthetic Evaluation
Post-Operative Follow Up
1,000 / Visit

*Government Holidays - Regular Charges + 15% to 25%

Procedure Charges

Central Line
Hemodialysis Line
Arterial Line
Bronchoscopy Line
Lumbar Puncture

Relieving Duties

Department Critical Care Physician (DM or 3 Years in ICU Post M.D) M.D Anesthesia or M.D General Medicine Emergency Medicine or Diploma in Anesthesia Diploma Emergency Medicine or FICM/FICCM M.B.B.S
ICU 1000 / Hour 750 / Hour 600 / Hour 500 / Hour 400 / Hour
Casuality - 750 / Hour 500 / Hour 400 / Hour 300 / Hour
Day Night
Ward – M.B.B.S 250 / Hour 200 / Hour


OPD Camp House Visit Transporting Sick Patient Off Ventilator Transporting Sick Patient On Ventilator
200 / Hour 250 / Hour 1000 / Hour 1000 / Hour 2000 / Hour

* Terms & Conditions

» 2 Procedures per shift (min 6hrs)
» Additional procedures 50% of charges mentioned below
» Minimum shift is 4hrs
» Government holidays - Regular charges + 15% to 25%